About JEN Luke

Originally from Vermillion, South Dakota, Jen graduated from the University of Minnesota with a double major in Theatre Arts and Global Studies in 2006. While at the University of Minnesota, Jen conducted a research project on how street theatre can and has been used as a catalyst for social change in India. Jen also collaborated with Central Touring Theatre In St. Paul, MN where she worked with youth to develop a touring play focusing on issues of race, cultural acceptance and Identity. After graduation, Jen was an AmeriCorps volunteer for two years working for theatre and arts organizations.  Later, Jen worked with the Washington State Endowment for the Arts as a teaching artist.  In 2012, Jen graduated from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Honolulu, HI, with a Master of Fine Arts in Theatre Arts. Upon graduation,  Jen started working with Dakota Players as their Director of Education and Outreach. Jen has also directed in Southeast South Dakota with various regional theatre companies as well as the  University of Sioux Falls.  Jen also spent several years in Lincoln, NE  where she was the Managing Artistic Director of the Haymarket Theatre. Currently Jen lives on the beautiful island of St. Vincent in the Caribbean with her husband Micah were she is a freelance theatre director and is doing independent research on the Vincentian Fete as street theatre performance. 



Youth Theatre, Puppetry, Theatre for Social Change, LGBTQ issues in theatre, Non-Western Theatre, Pedagogy, Physical Theatre, Theatre in the MidWest, and Community Theatre


Talk Radio, Social Justice,  Religion, Coffee, Colonialism, Film, Surfing, Sustainable Agriculture, Bridge, Travel, Food & Cooking, Sailing, Craft Beer, New Media and Cowboy Boots.