Doubt: a parable

University of Hawaii at Manoa

September 2010

Over 700 children were able to attended the performance. We incorporated puppetry as well as found objects as a way to help students explore creativity. As part of this production, I conducted post-show activities with one of the schools to help deepen their understanding of the play.

Robin hood: Spirit of the green

Haymarket Theatre

February, 2016

This opening production for the 2016 season was intended to not sell particularly well, but throuh word of mouth, this edgy production sold out houses. This highly creative performance featured Bunraku style puppetry and solid performances by all actors 

Into the woods

The Pillowman

Haymarket Theatre

April 2015

Written in the style of "a fairy tale for adults" this play was originally written as a reaction to the AIDS epidemic. It also served as a timely reflection to the public fear of the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2015.

Vermillion Community Theatre

Summer 2012

This play had over 100 actors including 30 orphan children. I had a great experience working with an amazing community organization which developed my skills to communicate with many different people on a large scale.

Anatomy of Grey 

Terrididdle Tales

Adult productions

Vermillion Community Theatre

Summer 2013

With over 100 actors and material by a local playwright, this production proved the ability to create community theatre with the focus on community. 


University of Sioux Falls

February 2014

With a small yet talented and highly invested cast, this play gave us a lot of material to work with. The subject matter challenged students and lead to many interesting discussions at a religious university.


Haymarket Theatre

November 2014

With a large and talented cast, this production was my debut at the Haymarket Theatre.

Haymarket Theatre

November 2015

The final MainStage performance for 2015 at The Haymarket Theatre was a great success and was the highest grossing production at the theatre in 3 years.

Almost, Maine 


Haymarket Theatre

February 2015

​"...what makes “Almost, Maine" really stand out is its reality checks on real life. And the actor pairs in the Haymarket Theatre production express splendid interpretations of this.
Kudos to director Luke, her crew and the actors for one of the best productions in Lincoln this season."

-Lincoln Journal Star